Start-ups are of great importance to Fontys ICT and the region. Start-ups contribute to the development of new markets and stimulate innovation and creativity. They also fit in seamlessly with Fontys ICT's ambitions. An ambitious, high-quality, meaningful ICT study programme should produce successful ICT start-ups. That is why entrepreneurial students are given the opportunity to graduate in their own start-up. That way, students contribute to a meaningful context (also for other students) and the start-up's chances of success are higher, because there is a bottom line in their own pockets.

The graduate programme has produced a number of successful start-ups over the past few years. Among others: Beyont, Debugged, One-Button, Openmaze, Coffee-IT, Pollex, MRR, Studio Krom, WOC, Ikleeralles....

Driven by a national acceleration plan, it was decided to expand this programme. Hard work resulted in the new start-up programme in summer 2023.

SPARC Incubators is a unique concept

In 2022, we conducted a scan of the incubator market. This showed that Fontys ICT's concept is unique! This is because no incubator has a physical location for the start-ups within study programmes and no incubator focuses on students who can get started as start-ups before they graduate.