Hauzer Techno Coatings and Infoland join SPARC

29 September 2021

SPARC has recently welcomed two new partners in Innovation. Hauzer Techno Coatings and Infoland joined the cooperative and will immediately commence with new projects at the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab. This marks a new step in the growth of the platform which combines new expertise and knowledge.


Infoland develops software for quality and risk management. The organisation is now taking the next step in innovation as it did before as Partner in Education with Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Hauzer Techno Coatings develops technical coating solutions and is a new member of the Fontys partner network. With these two new partners, SPARC is not only growing its network, but also the expertise that feeds the innovations at the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab. The number of SPARC members is now at 21 and this is something we are really proud of.


The SPARC members are very interested in the possibilities that data-driven Smart Industry applications can offer. Hauzer wants to implement more dashboarding in the process for their clients on the basis of machine data. Coordinator of the minor Data Driven Business Lab Bart van Gennip is heading this project: "Hauzer came into contact with the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab and SPARC through a former student who now works there. A a producer of coating machines, Hauzer wants to take advantage of the possibilities of Industry 4.0. This has been started up at the minor Lab as part of a longer running investigation into all the possibilities."

Infoland wants to extract more information from their systems with more dashboards and thereby make significant steps towards data-driven QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment). This project also starts at the minor Data Driven Business Lab with Bart van Gennip: “As Partner in Education, Infoland has years of experience in collaborating with Fontys, and this now results in participation in the SPARC initiative. For their Zenya software suite, with which they perform quality and risk management for industry, construction and healthcare, they will examine together with the students of the minor Data Driven Business Lab how they can build customised dashboards based on (predictive) KPIs to improve quality and reduce risks."


We are proud to announce these new partners and the start of these innovation projects. We warmly welcome Infoland and Hauzer to attend our next General Meeting on 12 November.