SPARC* is a cooperative, meaning an association of independent (ICT) companies that have bundled their innovative strengths in SPARC. And to enhance that innovative strength, SPARC exclusively collaborates with lecturers, instructors and students of the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the areas of research and experimentation at the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab.

SPARC is geared towards initiating and expediting ICT-related innovations. Members of SPARC introduce research proposals for approval which are then applied in an educational context as applied research. In exchange for this, SPARC members contribute to an Innovation Fund it controls and with which research projects are financed. Participating in SPARC means being part of an innovation concept that is unique in the Netherlands and is indeed, unparalleled in the world.

SPARC members have the opportunity to work with young technical talent on groundbreaking ICT innovations. As a member, you work with ICT students and professionals to find out what new technologies can offer your company. Applied research safeguards the innovative strength of both the business community and the field. That is why SPARC actively supports and participates in research projects of the ICT training programme.

*SPARC is endorsed by Fontys Hogeschool ICT


Sligro has been Partner in Education of Fontys University of Applied Sciences for many years. The next level is Partner in lnnovation. Looking for the best innovation on the threshold of Technology and Food! Maurice van Veghel Chairman of the Board & IT transformation lead Eviden
SPARC creates a bridge between education and future-oriented research. Johan van den Heuvel Treasurer / Group Program Manager - Ionbond