Fontys ICT gives students the opportunity to graduate in their own start-up (graduation+). This has led to successful start-ups and education in a meaningful context. However, Fontys ICT's ambitions extend further. After all, start-ups are an indispensable part of a vibrant IT study programme in the innovative region. Therefore, the student start-up programme is being expanded with the aim of getting more and better start-ups. This new, important, step is that students now remain involved in the Open Innovation Lab even after their studies, as stakeholders of meaningful education and as part of the regional business community.

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A number of things have been greatly improved in the new programme:

  • Spaces have been created to house Student Start-ups. This gives a boost to the vibrant character of the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab. This helps students to raise the profile of their business and, thanks to its visibility, is a huge stimulus for other entrepreneurial students.
  • Entrepreneurial students are guided and encouraged to cooperate with other students and, after their studies, they are looked at for advancement.
  • The program has been professionalised. The intake procedure, legal embedding, contractual mutual expectations, and guidance have all been greatly improved. Stricter requirements are imposed on start-ups (with regard to customers, MVP, CoC registration, etc.).

SPARC unites companies that provide meaningful assignments to third,- and fourth-year students as Partners in Innovation. Fontys ICT would like to be a knowledge partner in the region and help the business community innovate. At the same time, Fontys would like the business community to innovate education. SPARC is crucial and successful in that ambition, which can be further enhanced by the SPARC Start-up Programme. The idea is that selected student start-ups will remain in the Open Innovation Lab for a maximum of one year after graduation as a SPARC Startup. In that year:

In that year, the SPARC Start-up:

  • has the opportunity to serve as a principal for students.
  • is offered a workplace at location Strijp TQ.
  • gets guidance to maximise the chances of a successful venture.

What's in it for me?

The advantages for the start-up:

  • You can use the knowledge present in the Fontys ICT Innovation Lab and the knowledge of students (by setting out assignments).
  • A workplace is reserved for you.
  • There is an extensive and professional guidance programme.

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